Small Business’ Top 10 Complaints

The National Federation of Independent Business recently polled 3,530 of their closest friends asking them to identify their biggest concerns.  Their top ten choices were:

  1. Cost of health insurance
  2. Cost of fuel
  3. Federal taxes on business income
  4. Property taxes
  5. Tax complexity
  6. Unreasonable government regulations
  7. State taxes on business income
  8. Cost of inventory and supplies
  9. Electric rates
  10. Workers’ compensation costs

There seems to be a pattern here.  Five of the top ten (highlighted) are directly related to the government.  You could make a good argument that the government is at least partially responsible for the other five as well.

We generally try to put a positive spin on everything here at MYOB so hopefully it will encourage you to know that everyone else worries about the same things that you do.

In case you missed it, the federal minimum wage increases to $6.55 per hour this week.  But since payroll expense isn’t one of your top ten concerns (according to the survey) and since you probably aren’t paying minimum wage anyway, it shouldn’t add to your worries.

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