She LOVES Her Vacuum Cleaner

OK, this is the Tacony Corporation blog.  Among other things, we make vacuum cleaners.  In fact we make the best vacuum cleaners in the world, right her in the Show-Me State (Missouri for those of you who live on the east and west coasts.)  So why would I direct you to a post about someone who’s in love with a vac made by a competitor? 

It’s simple, really.  First, the iRobot doesn’t really compete with anything we make.  It is a vacuum cleaner, but it’s a very specialized machine.  It does what it does very well, but that’s not our particular niche.  Second, I think there’s a lesson to be learned here that’s much more important than the particular product. 

Julie Power writes the "Internet Marketing Report, News and insights on how executives are using the Internet to drive business objectives."  But she loves her vacuum cleaner so much, she chose to declare her affection in this unlikely venue. 

Here’s the thing.  You and I deal in products, machines made of metal and plastic.  We see them as tools to do a job.  We see them in terms of cost and gross margin and return on investment.  But our customers often fall in love with them.  And love is a powerful emotion.  Millions of words have been written and sung about the power of love.  Don’t underestimate the power of love and don’t forget about it when you’re talking to a customer.

What is there to love about your products?  Remember features and benefits from Salesmanship 101?  Customers love benefits.  Give them enough benefits and they’ll love the product.  Especially when talking to women, don’t hold back on the emotions.  "You’re going to love the way it ….."  "You’ll love the way it makes your carpets look"  "You’re going to love the way this sewing machine makes embroidered designs."  "You’ll love the energy savings you’ll get when you install this fan."

But don’t hold back when you talk to men either.  We love our stuff just as much as the ladies.  I love my power washer.  I love my iPod.  I love my convertible. 

And you’ll love the sales results when your customers become emotionally attached to your product.

Sidebar:  If you go to our Baby Lock web site and do a Google site search you’ll see that the word "love" is used 309 times! 

2 Responses

  1. I do love my iRoomba ivac and I am rapidly developing a love for you for writing such a nice follow up!

    I didn’t see my post as unrelated to Internet marketing for the very reasons you’ve mentioned and then some. I only developed an interest in iRobot because I liked the Web site. It seemed to supply everything a good site should do for businesses and consumers. It piqued my interest. The site sold me! And that is what I write about: How do sites engage visitors so they want to stick around and hear more. That’s something that applies to marketers who sell vacuum cleaners as much as it applies to pump manufacturers for heavy industry.

    I am waiting to read your Ode to Your Power Washer.

  2. I don’t understand why they call it a vacuum Cleaner, it is a carpet sweeper plain and simple.

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