Time to Take a Vacation?

Here’s an article from USA Today that you may find interesting. Everyone needs some time away from work and business owners are no exception. The writer, Joyce M. Rosenberg of the AP interviewed several business owners and got a variety of answers on the subject of time off.  As you might expect, some owners recognize the importance of time off for themselves and their employees.  Others aren’t so sure.  One said that she insists her employees take their vacation time so they don’t get burned out, yet she doesn’t even take an occasional long weekend herself. 

With the availability of cell phones, lap tops, blackberries, and all the other modern communications tools, it would seem like even the most micro-managing business owner should be able to get away for a few days.  It will rejuvenate you and stretch your employees and they can always call you if they get into a bind. As Rosenberg points out, if you don’t have employees who can run the business while you’re away, you may want to re-think your hiring practices.

As one business owner wrote on another forum, "The business is still here, but the kids are gone.  I wish I had taken more time off."

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