New and Improved

Welcome to the new look Mining the Store.  Obviously the appearance of the page has changed since we’ve moved it from our podcast host Libsyn over to WordPress.  I hope you like the change.

There another, more important change I want to point out.  The new site has no ads.  Ironically, I have John Chow to thank for that.  In case you don’t know, John Chow is the king of web site monetization.  He claims to make $27,000 per month from his sites, all from ads.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that, if it’s what you want to do.  More power to him.  But after reading his white paper on how to make money, it occurred to me that that’s not what this blog/podcast is all about.  It’s about you making money and not about me making money.  How serious can you think I am about helping you if all you see are ads?

Right now MTS is a labor of love.  I have a full time job and a part-time ministry, so it’s something I do nights and weekends and sometimes at lunch time.  I don’t need to make money here, so why try if it dilutes or takes away from the content.

I will continue to recommend products and services if I believe they can help you make more money in your business.  On the chance that someone wants to give me something free in exchange for a review, I’ll always let you know that, but I won’t let it influence what I say.  If I give you a link to a book on, it’s there for your convenience.  Personally I think you should buy your books at your local book store.

Finally, I’m 59 years old.  I do expect to give up the nine to five grind at some time in the not-too-distant future.  When that happens, then the economics of this operation will surely change.  I will be looking for some new income streams.  What that will look like, only God knows, and He’s not telling.

As always, thank you for visiting and I hope you keep coming back.  It also wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you told your friends.  I will be adding links to, digg, twitter, etc in the near future. (As soon as I figure out how.)  Meanwhile, if you have the social bookmarking buttons on your browser, I’d appreciate it if you’d Stumble and digg us.

This project has taken a little longer than I expected it to, so the 7/15 podcast is a little late.  Don’t despair, I expect to have it up tonight or tommorrow.

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