Episode 6

Welcome to Mining the Store, the podcast for small business owners who want to mine more gold from their businesses.  This is Episode 5.

There’s no “I” in podcast, so your comments are very important.  You can leave a comment here on the show notes page.  Or, you can email your comment to mike@miningthestore.com.  If you’d like to leave an audio comment, you can attach an mp3 file to your email.

Skype users can leave an audio comment at mike.buckley3.

Our music is called “Shenandoah” and it’s by Larry Allen Brown from the Garage Band web site, find it here.

Mining the Store is a member of the blubrry podcast network, http://www.blubrry.com.

Happy Father’s Day!

1:50  The long-awaited Firefox version 3.0 will be available this coming Tuesday, June 17.  They hope to set a world record for the most copies of software downloaded in one day.  The new version is said to be more secure, faster, and less of a memory hog.  There are other new features as well.

4:17  LifeClever offers a list of ten free on-line photo editing applications.  We tried one, Splashup, and it worked pretty well.

5:35  High gas prices, the economy, the Internet, and small business.

10:00 Question of the week.  Do your loved ones take your on-line work seriously?  If not, how do you deal with it?  Let’s talk about it.

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