You’re the Expert

We all do what we do because (we believe) we’re good at it.  Whatever it is that you sell, you know more about it than just about anyone else.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get some recognition of that fact?  Here’s a chance to do just that. 

Donna Papacosta, on her Trafcom News blog, points us to a service called "Help a Reporter Out."  It was started by Peter Shankman to help his journalist friends find sources for articles.  Here’s how it works.

Sign up on Shankman’s web site as a source.  Journalists post the articles they’re working on and you receive daily emails listing the topics.  If you have the expertise to "Help a Reporter Out" you respond to the request.  Voila!  You’re an expert.  The reporter gets the information he/she needs and you get credit as a source.  According to Shankman’s web site, HARO has over 12,000 members and "has a growing stable of national journalists using the service on a daily basis."

But what if the reporter’s a thousand miles away?  What good is it to be an expert in Seattle if your store is in New Orleans?  There are a dozen ways to use your new-found celebrity.  Post the article on your web site.  Write about it on your blog.  Post copies of the article in your store.  Use it in your advertising.  How much traction you get from the publicity is up to you.

Even if all you do is show the article to your employees to show them how smart you are, it’s well worth the effort.  Anything you can do to build up your reputation as the expert in your field builds up your brand and will increase your sales and profitablilty. 

Bonus tip:  If you do get quoted in a distant publication, don’t hesitate to send a copy of the article to your local news media.  The next time they need help, they may just come to you.

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  1. Well said, Mike. And thanks for the trackback.

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