Practicing What You Preach

How would you feel if Jack Nicholson complimented your acting?  Or if Frank Sinatra complimented your singing?  What if a best-selling author complimented your work?  I’m betting you’d feel pretty good.

Yesterday (No Way to Treat a Friend) we quoted and linked to a blog post by Seth Godin called “Two Seconds”.  It was a post on taking just a little extra time to make the customer feel like a friend. 

We’ve quoted Seth here before.  He writes great stuff.  His blog is on virtually every list of the top business blogs.  He’s written a number of best selling books and is a popular speaker.  There’s no doubt that Seth Godin is a guru and a super star in the world of marketing.

If you look at yesterday’s post you’ll see that Seth Godin left a comment.  But not just any comment, he wrote:   

“Well said!

thanks for reading.” 

Here’s a guy who actually practices what he preaches.  Five words!  Twenty-four letters, a period, and an exclamation mark!  (He didn’t just say “well said”, he wrote “well said !” ) It took ten seconds, tops, and it made my day.

I’m not here to brag even though the top marketing blogger on the planet took the time to acknowledge my writing.  That’s not the point. 

The point is, this is a busy guy, but he took ten seconds to acknowledge another human being. No big deal—but a huge deal!

Forget Batman and Spiderman, and all the other super heroes.  Take a lesson from Seth.  You have a super power of your own.  The power to make someone’s day. And it only takes a few seconds!


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