Are You a Vac Head?

Today’s post is very unusual for MYOB.  While we primarily focus on information that we think will be of value to Tacony Corporation’s dealers, this is an open forum.  Anyone is welcome to participate.   Our topic today is one that is directed primarily at vacuum cleaner and sewing machine dealers.  It’s not limited to our customers, but it is limited to readers in those two specific industries.

Today we are launching a new service to the vacuum and sewing industries called "VacHeads".  VacHeads is a forum for dealers to discuss specific issues that affect their day-to-day operations.  It’s also open to manufacturers– not just Tacony Corporation, but to all manufacturers who wonder what dealers are talking about, or who want to talk to dealers.  As you can tell by the name, the forum is focused more on vacuums than sewing machines, but strong participation by sewing dealers could potentially lead to a spin-off sewing forum.

Like this blog, we are offering the VacHeads forum as a service to the industries we serve (at least to two of them).  There’s no charge to belong and the only requirement for membership is that you be a qualified retailer of vacuums and/or sewing machines.  We encourage ALL qualified retailers to join.  We also encourage our competitors to join.  Our goal is to see a continuing dialogue among dealers and manufacturers which will benefit everybody.

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  1. Interesting … Have any rivals signed up? I’d be interested to hear.

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