Hassle Not Thy Customersl

It may not be one of the original Ten Commandments, but it should be high on the list for anyone who’s in a service business.

There’s a company here in St. Louis called Metro Imaging that provides out-patient diagnostic testing, things like CAT scans and dog scans and all those other medical tests that involve big machines and cost big bucks.  Here’s a quote from their web site: 


“Metro Imaging is the exclusive provider of OnSite Results. You will receive the preliminary findings of your imaging exams, in terms you can understand, before you even leave the building. No more waiting in the dark for results!”

What a concept!   

I bring it up because I had some experience with this over the last two days. Hourglass_2
I won’t boor you with the details, but yesterday I had a cardiac stress test.  As you might imagine, I was very anxious to get the results.  The test ended yesterday (Tuesday) at about 3:30 PM.  As of 1:30 PM today (Wednesday), I’m still waiting for the results.  I think almost everyone can relate to my experience.


So here’s Metro Imaging advertising a diagnostic service that doesn’t make you wait.  What a great idea!  I wish I had gone there.  I will the next time.  (Hopefully there won’t be a next time.)

This is a perfect example of how we often accept bad service, just because it’s all we think there is.  Test results always take a long time.  They just do.  But wait a minute!  If you’re in critical condition in the Emergency Room don’t they get test results back right away?  If they can do it, why can’t everyone else?  Heck, they do it on television and they aren’t even real doctors.   

Obviously they can and at least one company has found a way to do it and promote it to their potential customers.

I hope you never need an MRI, or a stress test, or any other major diagnostic test.  The reason for this post is to get you to ask yourself some questions.  What poor service goes on in your industry?  What do people put up with because it’s just “the way it is?”  It could have to do with service, or delivery, or shopping hours, or anything.  If you think about it long enough, you’ll come up with something.   

The next question is “What can I do about it?”  How can you be a hero to your customers by eliminating a hassle?   When you find the answer, trust me, price will become a secondary consideration.  Promote your hassle-free service for all it’s worth and watch your business grow.

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