Free Photo Editing

In a digital world, most of us need to edit photos from time to time.  LifeClever offers up a list of ten free tools that edit your photos on line.  There’s no need to download software.

We tested one of them, Splashup, just to see how on-line editing compares to the more traditional tools.  (We normally use Picasa from Google (which is also free), or an old standby, Paint Shop Pro (which is not free)). 


For basic editing Splashup did a great job.  With a fast Internet connection, it’s just as fast as the programs that live on the hard drive and the results are just as good. 

One convenient feature is SplashUp’s ability to open photos directly from Facebook, flickr, and Picasa, as well as from your hard drive.  In fact, you can access SplashUp directly from Facebook if you install the application there.  Again, the app is residing on the web, not on your hard drive.Splashup_2

  No free editing utility is going to do the job if you’re a professional photographer, but if you occasionally need to edit a picture for an ad or for your web site, SplashUp should do the trick.

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