An Interesting Guarantee

Putting on a new pair of pants this weekend, I noticed writing on the inside of the pocket.  Was someone being held prisoner in a garment factory and sending me a message for help?  No, it’s Haggar’s new guarantee and it’s printed on every garment.  Not on a tag attached to the product, but printed right there on the item itself.

They call it "the Q guarantee" and it covers defects in merchandise for the life of the shirt, pants, or suit.  What do they cover?  It depends on the item.  For example, for pants they promise:

Unbreakable buttons
Unbustable seams
Unbreakable zippers
Bigger, unrippable pockets

Face it, any clothing company is going to stand behind their product so Haggar’s new guarantee isn’t really anything new.  But to print it right on the pants pocket, that’s an effective statement that the consumer can’t miss.  What a great idea!

How can you use something like this?  It depends on your product, but a bold, easily visible statement of something you’re already doing can be very effective.  Do you prepare new items before delivery, making sure they’re assembled and checked for functionality and appearance?   That’s a "Free  Pre-Delivery Inspection." 

Do you make sure the customer has the necessary accessories when you hand them their new product?  That’s "100% Ready to Use When You Take it Home."  If necessary, bundle the price of the accessories in the price of the item.

The point is that there are things you do that the customer may take for granted.  Promote those things as the value-added that they are.   Position yourself as the dealer who adds value to the customer’s purchase.  Especially if you’re selling a "commodity", your superior service will earn you more business without resorting to price-cutting.

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