Are You Ready?

Sales is a profession.  Like medicine or law, it’s part art and part science, but it’s a  profession that requires training and experience to do it well.  There’s a misconception that anyone can sell, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

If you’re not doing everything you can to sharpen your selling skills, you’re selling your self short (pun intended).  There is more sales training information available than ever before on the Internet.  Much of it is free.  Every sales person should be spending at least an hour per day listening to sales or motivational speakers.  Best time?  How about while you’re in the car.  You may love country music; or maybe talk radio but, trust me,  Toby Keith and Rush Limbaugh aren’t going to help you make that next sale.

Doctors and lawyers have shelves full of medical books and law books.  What does your sales library look like? 

What about practice?  Do you ever role play in the store?  Albert Pujols is arguably the best hitter in baseball.  He’s also the first one to show up for batting practice and the last one to leave.  The best golfers spend hours at the driving range. In the music field, the best musicians are the ones who practice the most.   Can you afford to do any less?

When there are no customers around,are you and your staff practicing your selling skills, or are talking about politics?  Guess which one’s going to make you more money.

There are three ways to increase your sales:

1.  Talk to more people.

2.  Increase your closing ratio.

3.  Increase the size of your average sale.


It sounds simple and it really is.  All you have to do is constantly grow your sales knowledge and practice, practice, practice.


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