What Does Your Brand Mean?

Here’s a very interesting web site courtesy of Seth’s Blog.   It’s called Brand Tags.  Here’s how it works.  You log onto the site and it flashes the logo of a famous company.  You respond by typing your one-word response to the brand.  Then you can view a tag cloud of other people’s responses. [Be aware that some brands have elicited some rather vulgar responses].

Then you’re given another brand and you repeat the process. 

It’s really just a fun exercise, but there is a practical application.  There are some very negative responses to some brands.  As you’re looking at the responses, ask yourself how people would respond if your brand were to appear on the list.  What pops into people’s minds when they see or hear your brand?  Make no mistake, they think something.  Are they thinking what you want them to think or are they thinking something entirely different?  How do you know?  You’d better know because that first thought has a lot to do with whether they’re going to shop in your store, or not. 

As Seth points out, no matter how small your business is, there’s no reason why you can’t build a local brand, "a brand that’s magical for a smaller group of people."


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