A New Feature

We’ve added a new feature to Mine Your Own Business to help you bookmark and share your favorite posts.  It’s the little button in the right-hand column that looks like this: Add_this_icon

Here’s how it works.  Let’s say you read something you really like.  C’mon.  It happens, doesn’t it?  Anyway, you see something you like and you’d like to add it to your Del.icio.us bookmarks.  First, click on the heading of the post so you’re taken to a page that has just that post on it.  Pass your mouse pointer over the button and a drop down list appears.

In this case, click on the Del.icio.us icon and there you are, right at the Del.icio.us box.  Add some tags and you’re done.

If you don’t see your favorite sharing site in the drop down list, click on the word "More" at the bottom right of the box and you’ll be shown a more comprehensive list.

There are also some sharing/bookmarking options at the bottom of each post.

In addition to the most common sharing sites, you also have the option to email the post to someone else, or to subscribe to MYOB updates via email.

So, why do I want to do this?  By bookmarking your favorite pages, you can come back to them later without having to store them on your own computer.  Services like del.icio.us, Google Bookmarks, Yahoo Bookmarks, and the others let you add tags to your bookmarked sites.  For example, earlier today we posted an item on branding.  If you’re particularly interested in branding and saved everything you find interesting with that tag,  later on you could come back and click on "branding" and see all the articles and pages you have bookmarked with that tag.  Not only that, you can find all the pages everyone else has saved with that same tag.  Very handy.

Another benefit is that you can help spread the word about your favorite blog by sharing it through the various bookmarking sites.  Remember I said that you could see all the sites that other users have bookmarked?  Well, others can also see what you’ve bookmarked and the more links there are to MYOB, the more people are likely to see our blog.  Just think how good that’s going to make you feel.  But remember, to be effective, you should first click on the post heading

If you use one of the social media sites like Facebook or Myspace, you can add an article to your profile with one click, sharing it with the people you’re connected to.


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