That Mall’s History

Here’s are two interesting web sites for you history buffs and curiosity seekers.  The first is called DeadMalls.comDeadMalls features the history of shopping malls that have seen better days.  Chances are that if you lived in a larger city, you have fond memories of the shopping center where you hung out as a kid.  But, changing times and trends have made it obsolete and it may be on its last legs, or gone entirely.

While you’re at DeadMalls, be sure and check out their "Links" page.  They connect to come cool sites including one on grocery stores and several Howard Johnson’s tribute sites.

The other site you might be interested in is similar.  It’s called, another shopping center history site.  (A labelscar is the still-visible outline of the letters when a name is removed from a building.  The site compares it to the white non-tanned skin that you see when you remove your watch.  Like DeadMalls, Labelscar has a state-by-state index and some interesting links.



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