Getting Away

This past weekend, I went on a retreat.  It ran from Friday evening until noon Sunday, just 40 hours.  But there was no computer, no internet, no television (we did cheat and watch a little of the Cardinals and the Cubs Friday night, but that was all, really) and no newspaper.  I highly recommend it.

We all need a little time to get away once-in-a-while.  And by get away, I mean physically get away.  If you’re going to relax and recharge your batteries, you have to avoid distractions and that means going to a location where the very things that distract and cause stress aren’t going to find you. 

For your own sanity, pick a place and a date and put them on your calendar, in ink, not in pencil!  If you can commit to a convention, a meeting, or a trade show, you can commit to something that’s good for your health, both physical and mental.  Your personal retreat, whether it’s an organized event like mine was, or just you and your spouse spending the weekend at a bed and breakfast, must be an appointment that you can’t break.

Depending on your stress level, you should do this at least twice a year.  You’re blood pressure will be lower.  Your stress level will be lower.  And your business will benefit.  As they say on the infomercials, "So you don’t forget, do it today." Circle the dates on your calendar before you go home tonight.

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