All Business Is Show Business

Anna Farmery hosts the Engaging Brand podcast. (See Words to Live By.)  On a recent episode, her guest was Tsufit (That’s really her name!), author of a book called "Step Into the Spotlight".  One thing she said that caught my ear was the title of today’s post, "All business is show business."  In fact, it’s the subtitle of her book. 

That’s an interesting thought and very true.  Why should a consumer buy from you when she has so many other choices?    A trip to your store is more than a transaction; it’s a total shopping experience.  And the quality of the experience determines whether your customer will (1) buy something and (2) come back again.

You and your staff are in the spotlight every time someone comes into your store.  Are you ready?  Is the stage set?  Are displays clean and ready to help you sell?  No director would think of opening the curtain without checking the lighting, the props, and the overall look of things.  You shouldn’t either.

Do you and your staff know your lines?  Granted, retail is more like a reality show than a scripted presentation, but you have to have an idea of what you’re going to say.  The actor rehearses for many hours before opening night.  Should you give any less to your performance? 

What about costumes and makeup (for the ladies)?  Does everyone in your store present a professional image?  Black tie is certainly optional, but look in the mirror and ask yourself if you would buy from the person looking back?  If the answer is yes, then It’s Showtime!!!

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  1. Thanks for the mention Mike.
    See you in the spotlight!

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