The Best Free Software

Thanks to PC Magazine for publishing this list of what they consider the best free software.  According to them, if you downloaded everything here you would save $5,183.00 compared to the manufacturers’ list prices.

I doubt that anyone would download everything here, but there are some good ones.  MYOB can’t vouch for all of them, but here are a few of our favorites.  Be sure to check the site for the complete list.

Audacity–If you do any audio recording, this is the software you want.  Easy to use, lots of features including available add-ons.  You can record from a microphone or any in-online audio source and export it to an mp3 file.

Firefox–I use this browser almost exclusively.  Not only is it free but there are literally hundreds of add-ons and extensions (also free) that you can download to customize the browser to suit your needs.

GIMP–PC Magazine says this free software does most of what Photoshop does.  I’ve not used this one but I have downloaded it for testing.

iTunes–What can I say.  If you have an iPod you have to have iTunes.  iTunes recently became the number one retailer of on-line music.–This is a viable substitute for Microsoft Office.  You don’t need both of them, but if the high price of the Office Suite is putting you off, consider this free alternative.

Skype–Not only is the software free, but it lets you make free phone calls to anyone, anywhere in the world who is also a Skype user.  You can even make video calls for free.

Thunderbird–This is the sister app to Firefox.  It’s a worthy email client that you can use with almost all email services.

Google Docs–This is another alternative to Microsoft Office but this time you don’t have to download anything.  The program and your files live on Google’s servers.  That may turn some people off, but it does make it very handy to start a document at work and finish it at home.  You can also share it with others.  Google Docs can work with Microsoft-created documents and vice-versa

CCleaner–This program cleans the junk off your hard drive including temporary files and Internet cache.  Don’t overlook the registry cleaner either.  (It’s on a separate tab.)  But, be sure you back up your registry before you clean it in case something goes wrong.

Google Desktop–Cool but it uses a lot of system resources.

Ditto for Yahoo! Widgets.

Naturally there’s always a difference of opinions anytime the word "best" is used so be sure you check the comments on PC Mag’s list for some other thoughts.  If you have any favorites please share them here.

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