A little over two years ago we were discussing things that we could do to celebrate Tacony Corporation’s sixtieth anniversary.  Our President, Bill Hinderer suggested a blog for our customers.  Not a blog to sell things, but a blog to provide information that would help our valued business partners "work on their business, not in their business."  And so, Mine Your Own Business was born and I became a "blogger".  I became the blogger.  The blogger-in-chief.  The blogmaster general.  The blogmeister.  What in the world had I gotten myself into?

If anyone had told me that in April, 2008, we would publish post number 500, I would have said they were way too optimistic. 

500 posts in less than two years! That’s half of 1,000!  Roman numeral "D"! 

How could we possibly come up with that many posts, especially when the majority of blogs fade away after just a few months?

Well, business is a pretty deep subject, and no two days are ever the same, so somehow we’ve gotten to this milestone.  Of course, we would never have come this far if no one were actually reading MYOB.  But the numbers tell us that you are, and so tomorrow we’ll begin the second 500 posts. 

One of our goals is to keep the content fresh and relevant.  If there’s a particular subject that you’d like to see covered in more depth, let us know.  We’re always looking for suggestions. 

Thank you for your support of Tacony Corporation and Mine Your Own Business.  Our company’s mission statement appears on the left of every one of these 500 posts and we’re dedicated to sticking to it every single day.

2 Responses

  1. Congratulations Mike on your 500th post. You don’t look a day over 450!

    Seriously, great job in being a wonderful resource to your customers and all of us who enjoy your blog.


  2. I regularly read your blog, Mike, and I think you do an excellent job. In a commercial blog, it isn’t always easy to walk the line between engaging content and the need to promote one’s company. You walk it very well, and I’m sure Tacony is richer for your efforts.

    Even an Internet dealer like AnnTheGran.com can find some useful nuggets in your posts. Over at our site(any dealers reading this, we are NOT the enemy), we have a couple blogs as well that I hope walk the line as well as yours.

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