“Buy Local” Programs Boost Holiday Sales

From the American Independent Business Alliance:  "As major chains report weak holiday sales, a nationwide survey of 1,382 independent retailers has found that a desire to support locally owned businesses is emerging as a factor in people’s shopping choices

"The survey found that independent retailers in cities with active "Buy Local" campaigns reported much larger increases in holiday sales on average than those in cities without such campaigns."

There are currently more than three dozen cities in the United States with programs promoting local business.  According to the survey, independent retailers in those markets experienced an average 2% sales increase during the 2007 Christmas season, compared to an increase of less than 1% in other communities.

Last fall in Austin, TX, the local Independent Business Alliance estimated that if each household in Travis County would spend do just an additional $100 of their planned Christmas budget with local retailers, the local economic impact would be approximately $10 million.

Obviously some consumers are never going to get over their big-boxitis, but many of them will support their local business community if they’re educated in the realities of the economic impact local businesses have on the economy. 

If your community doesn’t have a "Buy Local" program, AMIBA’S web site had information about starting one.  Check it out.

If there is an organization in your area, what has your experience been with it?

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