Why Should You Go After the High End Customer?

It should be fairly obvious that there are advantages to working with higher-end customers.  But sometimes, it’s good to review.  Here’s an interesting item by Michael Furniss called "8 Reasons to Target Higher Paying Customers".  His 8 reasons, along with comments, are very complete, so I’m just going to list the reasons by themselves.  For more information, check out Michael’s post.

  1. They make you immune to price cutting wars.
  2. They create the chance of a price increase war.  (I like this one.)
  3. They give you more room to create special offers.
  4. They are less likely to complain.  (I’m not so sure about this one.  What do you think?)
  5. They are more likely to buy again.
  6. They are more likely to refer similar people.
  7. They are easier to manage.
  8. They let you out advertise your competition.

I’m going to add a ninth one:  They are less affected by changes in the economy, gas prices, taxes, and all the other things that can cause low and middle-price shoppers to postpone their purchases.

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