Olympic Blogging Rules

As you probably know, the Summer Olympics are being held in China this year.  Athletes will be permitted to blog, but they must follow the following rules:

  • No audio clips or videos of any Olympic events
    including competitions, ceremonies (opening, closing, medal) or “other
    activities which occur within any zone which requires and Olympic
    identity and accreditation card or ticket for entry.”
  • No interviews with or discussion about other athletes including fellow countrymen.
  • No confidential information about other people
  • No discussion of issues that are not-Olympic related  Olympic_blog
  • No photos that show Olympic events
  • No photos of competitors without their consent
  • No advertising or sponsoring
  • No domain names that use “Olympic”

Doesn’t leave much to write about, does it?

Here’s the strange part.  You would think that this restrictive list came from the Communist Chinese Government.  But it doesn’t.  These are the rules of the International Olympic Committee.  Go figure.

Thanks to the PR Voyageur blog for posting on this.

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