Google Maps

We’ve posted on this in the past, but since we have so many new readers, an update probably won’t hurt.  No doubt, you’re familiar with Google Maps.  One of the more popular Google tools, Maps can help you find an address, a landmark, or a particular type of business.  Hopefully your business is listed.  If not, it’s a simple process to get it done.  Here’s a very good article by Carrie Hill writing at that tells you how to do it.

But, don’t stop there!  Google allows you to choose multiple categories.  Select all the categories that potential customers might be using to find you. 

Be sure to use the right words in your business’ description.  Make sure it contains the right keywords.  Don’t just jam a bunch of keywords together.  That won’t work.  But be sure to describe your business in a search-engine friendly way.

Here’s an important feature that is absolutely free.  You can add up to ten pictures to your listing.  Let ’em see what you sell.  If a picture is really worth 1,000 words, Google is giving you ten thousand words for free.  Try buying an add that big!

Finally, don’t overlook the free coupon option.  You can add a coupon to your listing and change it as often as you like.  Be sure you key the coupon so you know where it came from when it’s redeemed.

Face it, people are using the Internet to gather information before they buy, including information on local dealers.  Your competitors may not even know that they have a free listing on Google Maps.  If they do, based on the number of incomplete listings I found in my own searching, chances are they aren’t getting the most out of it. 

You can spend an hour of your time and zero cash to put yourself ahead of the pack before they even know what hit them. 


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