“The Only”

In his book "Zag", Marty Nuemeier offers a twelve point branding system.  Point number six asks the question, "What makes you ‘the only’?"  The only what?

The title of the book refers to "zagging" when everybody else zigs.  In other words, be different.  The world is full of brands.  To stand out, you’ve can’t be like everybody else.

According to Neumeier, to be successful you have to be able to fill in the blanks:

"Our brand (or store) is the only ________________ that ______________________."  He stresses that if you can’t say you’re the only something, then you have to go back and start over.

For example, "Our store is the only hardware store that offers free delivery."  Or, "Our grocery store is the only one that has a full-time meat cutter."  You get the idea.

Or, and I like this one, Tacony Corporation is the only manufacturer in our industry that goes the extra mile to provide our blog readers with helpful tips. 

For example, we were tipped off to this book by Judy "the foodie" Asman, writing on FohBoh, The Restaurant Network.  Other than some sanitary issues that come with handling food, our friends in the Restaurant industry have the same problems and concerns as any retailer. 


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