That Question Again

A while back in a post called "Can I Help You?" we wrote about eliminating that dreaded question from our sales people’s vocabulary.  Doug Fleener and Matt Norcia offer their take on the subject at Retail Contrarian.  They suggest that "quality engagement" is what’s missing from most retail interactions.  We couldn’t agree more.

Here’s an idea.  Think of your customers as guests.  After all, that’s what they are.  They’re not just guests, they’re VIP’s.  Treat them the way you would like to be treated.  That doesn’t mean you ignore them and it doesn’t mean you treat them like potential thieves.

Some folks like to browse. Give them some space but be close enough to help them when they need it.  Some want to get in and out quickly.  Give them too much space and they’ll think you’re ignoring them.  Your experience and their body language will tell you which is which.

Check out Doug and Matt’s blog for some good ideas.

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