Tacony Manufacturing Expands Again

There’s a lot of speculation going on about the present and future state of the economy.  [See "Goodbye 2007", Their Glass Isn’t Even HALF Full", "Is the Sky Falling?"] It seems like the "glass half empty" guys (and gals) have the biggest megaphones and the tallest soap boxes.  But the "glass half full" folks are the ones who get the actual work done.  I suppose there are valid arguments on both sides, but it seems to me that the opinions of the people on the front lines mean a lot more than the opinions of the so-called experts.

Case in point:  Here are some pictures of the multi-million dollar expansion that’s going on at Tacony Manufacturing in St. James, MO.  The expansion is necessary to keep up with the demands of our growing business.  The new addition will house both manufacturing and distribution.  It’s part of our on-going commitment to our US manufacturing and to the economy of the Missouri Ozarks.  Call me biased, but I believe our team in St. James turns out the finest vacuum cleaners in the world.

The expansion in St. James is not a fluke.  In the last year or so, we’ve relocated our Jacksonville, FL distribution center to larger quarters, we’ve expanded our sourcing and engineering facility in Suzhou, China, and we’ve acquired two new companies.  We’re currently looking at our Fenton (St. Louis), MO headquarters, our Fullerton, CA distribution center, and our newly acquired Truvox division in Southampton, England for possible expansion. 

What’s it all mean?  It means that Tacony Corporation and our bankers have confidence that you, the independent retailer, are going to continue to grow your business and, in the process, grow ours.  We’re not just buying land, and concrete, and steel.  We’re filling up these new spaces with merchandise and people to help you grow.  Investing millions of dollars in new facilities, new people, new programs, and new products is tangible proof of our faith in you, our valued business partners.

PS.  While everything around here is getting bigger, Mine Your Own Business will continue to fit perfectly on your computer monitor.  And, if you click on the pictures, a larger version will open up in a new window.  (Click here to see all of our locations.)




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