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[Disclaimer:  The following is for information only and doesn’t constitute an endorsement for any product or company.]

Thanks to Bill Hinderer, President and COO of Tacony Corporation (and my boss) for passing along this information from SMB Finance Executive Briefing:

Mountain View, Calif. — QuickBooks parent Intuit has introduced a Web-based payroll system for small businesses.

Intuit Online Payroll guides employers through the steps of setting
up the system, paying employees and taxes, and filing tax forms. The
system includes automatic calculations, to-do lists and e-mail
reminders when tasks are due. The system currently does not integrate
with Intuit’s QuickBooks.

With Intuit Online Payroll, employers can enter the hours
worked by each employee during the pay period, and the paychecks and
pay stubs can be printed right away or issued through a free, built-in
direct deposit service. The system automatically computes the correct
compensation, deductions and withholdings. It also keeps tax tables up
to date. More than 20 customizable reports show the effect of payroll
on the business.

Employers can have e-mail reminders sent to them when payroll
tax payments are due, and keep track of who gets paid and how much is

The system provides printable tax forms for federal filings, as
well as many state filings, including 940, 941, W-2 and W-3 forms.
Payroll data is password-protected so it can be restricted to just the
employers or to specific employees, accountants or business partners.

For more information go to:

It looks interesting.  You might want to check it out.

3 Responses

  1. Mike:

    If you really want an online payroll that does everything a small busiess needs done including making deposits and filings for the business and providing expert advice and services when needed? Look at


    Charles Read

  2. We use this system and it is very good and when you can have a happy bookkeeper and wife at the same time, that is a good thing

  3. Ralph,
    I think it was Andy Griffith that used to say it was extra good.

    Thanks for the comment. Normally I might have deleted Charles’ comment since it’s obviously intended to get you to his web site so he can sell you something. But since the original post was about a specific product, I thought it was ok to let a competitor have his say. Besides, Charles’ site has some interesting articles about payroll that you may find useful.

    Since I personally know nothing about payroll programs, I appreciate your comment. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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