Did I mention the other day that Missouri University’s football team is number one in the country?  Oh, yeah.  I guess I did.

That was just gratuitous bragging.  I’m mentioning it today to make a point.  MU plays Oklahoma for the Big XII Conference Championship this Saturday in San Antonio.  When Missouri’s allotment of 8,500 tickets went on sale Monday they sold out in two hours.  Scalpers art now asking as much as $300 for tickets that originally cost $39-$99, and they’re getting it.

It’s a little over 900 miles from Columbia, MO to San Antonio. San_antonio_map
According to Google Maps, that’s a fourteen hour drive.  Round trip air fare is about $500.00.  I’d say that anyone who’s willing to take the time and spend the money to make the trip is more than a customer.  They’re a FAN, possibly even a FANATIC.

So why do they do it when they could watch the game on television?  The answer is loyalty.  Some are students.  Some are alumni.  Some are parents. Some are season ticket holders.   But they all have a connection to the school.  They’re not just casual fans.  They’re not just customers.

So what about your customers?  Are they casual fans or are they loyal fans?  There’s a big difference.  Your fans probably aren’t going to drive fourteen hours to get to your store.  More than likely, they’re not going to buy a $500 plane ticket. 

  • But will they drive past your competitor, even if it means driving a little further, to get to you? 
  • Will they go out of their way to do business with you? 
  • Will they tell their friends about you?
  • Will they pay a little bit more to do business with you?
  • Are they connected to your business?

If you can answer all these questions "yes" then you don’t just have a customer, you have a loyal fan.  And she’s worth her weight in gold. 

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