Their Glass Isn’t Even HALF Full

You know, sometimes I’m shocked and amazed at the number of people who read this blog every day.  Each morning I check the stats and each day I expect to see a big zero, but it never happens.  In fact the numbers keep getting bigger.  For that I have to say a big thank you!  But I still wonder sometimes what’s the attraction?

But then I see something that causes me an "ah ha!" moment.  The focus of Mine Your Own Business is you, the independent retailer.  Our target audience is our Tacony customers, but anyone is welcome.  We always try to focus on the positive.  Of course there’s negative news out there, but you can get that in any number of places.  You’re not going to get it here.

A case in point.  As I was going through the flock of email items I get every day, one caught my eye this morning.  The headline said that on-line shoppers set a new spending record on "Cyber Monday", the Monday after "Black Friday".  Alright, that’s a good thing!  People are spending money.  In fact, all retail sales looked pretty good over the weekend.

But when I opened the email I saw what Paul Harvey would call the rest of the story.  According to the writer, "Cyber Monday" was a fluke.  It doesn’t mean people are spending more money.  It just means that people spent it all on one day.  Expect the rest of the Christmas season to be bad.

I wonder what it is that makes reporters, both print and broadcast, think that it’s their job to stifle the economy.  What is it that compels them to find a cloud behind every silver lining?  Talk about glass half-empty thinking.  Their glass isn’t half full or half empty.  It’s completely empty!  I know you’ve heard the story about the little boy who got all excited when he saw the pile of manure because he knew it meant there was a pony around somewhere.  These guys (and gals) see a pony and immediately expect to step in something. 

Don’t their salaries come from advertising and don’t businesses spend more on advertising when business is good?  So why the constant doom and gloom?  I don’t get it.

Here’s the thing.  We’re less than a month away from Christmas.  Chanukah starts just a week from today.   People are spending money on the things that we sell.  Whether the next thirty days are spectacular, average, or terrible has a lot more to do with our attitudes and the things that we do than it has to do with the economy. 

So, as they said in the sixties, "Keep the faith, baby."  My suggestion is to stay away from the newspaper for the next few weeks.  Keep your attitude up.  Convince yourself that every person who walks through your door is going to buy something.  Then make sure that they do. 

Keep your people pumped up.  Do your best to catch them doing something right.  Play cheerful Christmas music in the store.  Make every day just a little more fun than the day before for your customers, your staff, and yourself.

Starting today!

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  1. You are so right Mike. This holiday is all about attitude and execution. While I’m concerned with the higher market share discounters got this past Black Friday, there is still a lot of opportunities for the independents.

    I believe that managers/owners/executives need to be realistic about the challenges before us but optimistic that their store or stores can still succeed this holiday. But optimism is just useless fluff if they aren’t realistic about their store or stores ability to do what it takes to make sales this year. Hope or optimism doesn’t make your sales numbers. . . . your staff’s ability to execute the right strategy does.

    My mantra for Holiday 2007 is either sell it cheap or sell it better. There’s nothing in-between. Keep up the great posts!

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