The “T” Word

Here it is, just two days before Thanksgiving.  Here in the Midwest it’s a beautiful day.  The sun’s shining.  It’s almost sixty degrees with the high expected to be in the seventies.  Why would anyone pick such an otherwise glorious day to bring up the subject of taxes?

Sorry, but I ran across some good information today that you may find helpful.  And face it, as much as we’d rather not think about it, taxes are an everyday fact of life. is a pretty good web site that offers what it calls "Guides" on a number of topics relating to business.  The site contains "user generated content" which means there are lots of different authors.  Frankly, some are better than others.  One of today’s Guides is called Tax Tools and Calculators for Small Business.  The author, Kay Bell, is a professional journalist who’s contributed to the site before.   Her articles are always good.

Ms. Bell offers some excellent tips that apply to both your business and your personal taxes, but the real value of the piece is in the links to places that offer free calculators and other tax helps.   I’d definitely check this one out and bookmark it for future reference. 

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