“Cool Site”

At MYOB, we usually don’t link to commercial web sites, but Larry Engemann from Phil’s Sewing Machines sent this one along and it’s pretty interesting.  The site if from HP and the object is to get you to use their products, but it features Burton Snowboards, a Vermont company that makes, you guessed it, snowboards.

Jake Burton started the business in his barn and it was quite a struggle in the beginning.  It’s one thing when no one knows your company, it’s something else when they’ve never heard of your product either.  It’s familiar territory to anyone who’s ever pioneered a new product or a new brand. 

Besides the interesting story, the site features a number of videos and some interactive pages showing how Burton uses HP products.  There’s also a portion of the site where you can design your own letterhead, business cards, shipping labels, and other business documents, using HP products, of course.  I tried this part of the site and it’s very easy to use, even if the final result is pretty generic.  Still, it’s worth a look.


If you click on the "What Do You Have to Say" link at the bottom of the Burton home page, you can go to pages for designer Paula Scher and singer Gwen Stefani and more interactive content.

More and more companies are going to have to provide interactive content to get people to stick around their web site for any length of time.  This site is a good example of how that looks.

One word of warning, the interactive features work much better in Internet Explorer than they do in Firefox.  In fact, while I was able to lay out the document templates in Firefox, they wouldn’t print.  When I switched to IE, everything worked fine.

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