Managing Your Time

Liz Fuller is the owner/operator of  More Than WE Know, a blog for Women Entrepreneurs.  (WE=Women Entrepreneurs).  Even though your intrepid blogger doesn’t qualify, I checked out her blog anyway.  She wrote an interesting post earlier this week on time management, which she calls "Goal Setting–The 5 Ds of Time Management".

Liz lists (Try saying that five times fast) five things that are necessary to keep from driving yourself crazy trying to get everything done.

  • Delegate–If someone else can do it as well as you can, let them do it.
  • Divide–Share the burden.  Tedious jobs are often easier if you share them with someone else.
  • Delay--If it’s not urgent, let it wait.
  • Drop–You can’t do everything.  Prioritize.  If it’s not that important, don’t do it.
  • Do–If it’s something that you must do, then listen to Nike.  Just do it.

All of this is based on achieving your goals.  If something doesn’t move you toward your goals, why do it?  Life is a journey with each step moving us toward our destination. 

Since we have so many successful female entrepreneurs that read MYOB, I’m going to put a link to Liz’s blog in the blog roll for your future reference.


One Response

  1. Hi Mike
    Thanks for writing about my blog and adding me to the blog roll – and the stumble was great as well!!

    Even though I gear my business toward Women Entrepreneurs, a lot of my readers are men – and all are very welcome!!!

    Your blog has a lot to offer – count me as your latest subscriber!

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