Yet Another Survey

It’s another one of those surveys where you just shake your head and say, "I knew that already". In an article titled, "Entrepreneurs Happier, Busier Than Average Americans, is reporting on the results of a full year of Discover Small Business Watch surveys.  The surveys cover 1,000 business owners with five or fewer employees.

Some of the ‘surprising’ conclusions:

  • 61% said they would not give up the independence of owning their own business to go to work for someone else for more money.
  • 46% started their own business to have more freedom.
  • Discover’s Sastry Rachakonda is quoted as saying, "As we’ve gotten more familiar with small-business owners, we realize they care about independence more than anything else."
  • 28% of business owners work at least six days a week.
  • Rachakonda again, "Clearly, most small-business owners are working harder than the rest of us.

I really hope that Discover didn’t spend a ton of money to conduct their surveys.  I doubt that anyone reading this post couldn’t give them the same information for free.

Bonus survey item:  Health care is a major strain on small-business owners.  MYOB will stay on top of this and keep you posted on any other exciting developments.  Stay tuned….

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