Telephone Courtesy

Last Friday’s St. Louis Post Dispatch featured an interview with Nancy Friedman, the "Telephone Doctor".  Chances are you’ve seen one of her videos.  In 23 years, TD has grown into a $3 million company.  According to Friedman, she got the idea for the business when employees of her insurance company were rude to her on the phone.  She hung up and called the manager, telling him to cancel all her policies.  When the manager asked her why, she told him that his people were rude, abrupt, and unfriendly.  The manager agreed.  According to Friedman, "He asked me to show the people in his office what they should say. I
said things like, "please" and "thank you." And as the Lord is my
witness, his people were writing these things down."

Here’s something that Friedman says works every time–"Mr. Jones is out of the office right now. My name is Nancy. I work with him. How can I help you? What can I do for you?"

The bottom line is that common courtesy isn’t so common nowadays.  Whether you blame society in general, parents, the school system, or cable TV, if your people are courteous on the phone, your business will stand out.  It’s just one more thing that you can do to pull ahead of your competitors.  Whether you go with professional training, like the Telephone Doctor, or you just brainstorm with your people on the best way to handle a customer who calls, it’s well worth your trouble to get this one right.


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