Yipes! Skype

VOIP.  No, it’s not the sound of a dripping faucet.  (voip, voip)  Skype

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.  And that means FREE phone calls, even long distance.   As long as you and the person on the other end both have the Skype software installed on your computers along with a microphone and headset, you can talk to each other all day at no charge.  If you both have web cams, even video calls are free.  Reviewers say that the voice quality of Skype is equal to or even better than regular phone service.  Of course, one variable is the quality of your hardware.

What if both parties don’t have Skype?  You can make Skype calls to any phone in the United States for a monthly charge of less than $3.00.  International calls are charged at as little as 2.1 cents per minute. 

One word of warning.  Skype service recently went down for two days causing some serious inconvenience for many businesses that had switched all their phone service to the VOIP provider.  A complete switch is a risky move, as many found out.  But, as a supplement to traditional providers, Skype is a good choice.  For example, if you have family, friends, or business associates who are a long-distance call away, no matter how good your current carriers rates, free is always better.

The good news is that the software is free, so you can try it out with absolutely no risk.

Read more about Skype on Wikipedia.

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