Teenage Entrepreneur

If there’s one thing we know about the Internet it’s that we have no idea of its potential.  Based on past performance, there are new uses for the web on the horizon that we can’t even imagine today.  The only limit is our imagination.

For example, here’s an interesting story by Katherine Yung of the Detroit Free Press about a seventeen-year-old who’s parlayed an $8.00 investment into a million dollar business.  In 1998 Ashley Qualls of Southgate, MI borrowed $8.00 from her mother to purchase the domain name Whateverlife.com.  Qualls is a graphic designer and admitted "computer geek".  (She spent seven hours building the computer she uses in her business.)  The site offers free designs for MySpace pages and a social network for teenage girls.  Revenue comes from ad sales.

Whateverlife gets more visitors than Oprah.com and ranks number 825 out of 20.3 million web sites according to Quantcast, an Internet ratings service.  The site had 2.4 million visitors last month.  Last year the teenager bought herself a new house with the proceeds of the business.  Otherwise, most of the cash coming in stays in the business for future growth.

Speaking of the future, Ashley has big plans for the site and intends to stay with it.  She recently turned down a $5 million offer to buy the business.  Like I said, the potential of the Internet is only limited by our imagination.

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