Odds and Ends

It’s Friday, and sometimes on Friday it’s just good to catch up on a few things that have come up during the week.  Besides, we don’t want to hit you with anything heavy this close to the weekend.

IBM challenges Microsoft in the office productivity market.  Computer giant IBM has announced Lotus Symphony, a challenger to Microsoft Office.  Symphony is an office suite including a word processor, a spreadsheet program and presentation program.  The good news is that IBM is offering Symphony for free.  We’ll be testing it here at MYOB and let you know how it works.  If you’re interested, you can check it out at IBM’s web site.  [Disclaimer:  We aren’t endorsing Lotus Symphony since we haven’t tried it yet.  This post is for you information only.]

There’s an interesting post at Communications Overtones called What I Learned About PR at McDonald’s.  You’d think that it would be a high-level marketing piece from someone who’s worked in the corporate office. No, Kami Huyse is actually talking about her experience working part time at Mickey D’s when she was a teenager.  The piece is fairly short and very interesting.

Congratulations to Sue Pratt and Kendra Wilson of our Baby Lock division.  Ken Tacony forwarded an email today that he received from a customer commending Sue and Kendra for going the extra mile to satisfy a local customer.  In his introduction to the customer’s email, Ken pointed out

"We aren’t the only company to supply many of the same products, so we have to
differentiate ourselves with our service and willingness to go the “extra” step,
every day." 

That’s good advice for anyone in the business of  serving customers.  Ken also mentioned his Dad’s philosophy of everyone pitching in to get things done, especially when it came to satisfying the customer.  I can remember many times, back when we were just barely a $10 million company, when all of us would take off our ties, roll up our sleeves and head out to the warehouse to help fill an order.  When I say "all of us", I mean all of us; from Nick Tacony on down.

Nowadays, insurance regulations and common sense keep me from operating a fork lift, but we still put the customer first and will do whatever it takes to live up to our mission statement.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I am glad you enjoyed my life lessons story. It has surprisingly been one of my most popular posts. Who knew that working at McDonald’s would have paid off so well. Thanks for the mention.

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