Do You YouTube?

To prove that MYOB goes to any length to find interesting stuff for you to read, here’s a link to a story from The Toronto Globe and Mail on the YouTube phenomenon.   In case you’ve been hanging out with the Geico caveman, YouTube is the internet site that lets anyone post their videos.  According to the article, there are 65 sites that provide the same service as YouTube, but YouTube is visited more than the other 64 combined.

"Why should I be interested in YouTube?" you ask.  Well, since anyone can post a video on the site (as long as it’s not someone else’s copyrighted material), you can post information about your business.  In fact, YouTube marketing is the latest craze among web-savvy marketers. 

For very little money you can create a video that you can use on your own web site, and also post on YouTube.  If you’re even a little creative, you can do some really clever things that can drive customers into your store.  The best way to check out the possibilities is to go to the site, and search on key words that might fit your business.  I tried several products that we sell and found everything from the funny to the informative.  Here’s a suggestion.  If you have kids, especially teenagers, turn them loose with a video camera and let their creative juices flow.  For the cost of some fast food you just might end up with a traffic-generating video.

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