Summer doesn’t officially start for about for almost a month, but for most of us, Memorial Day really kicks off the season.  Major League Baseball has been up and running for well over a month.  Unless you live in the frozen north, you’ve probably cut your grass several times.  The NHL playoffs should be over in another month or two.  If the kids aren’t out of school, the will be soon.  Swimming pools and water parks open this weekend, even if the water is cold enough to satisfy a penguin.  Summer’s definitely here.

Days are longer.  Temperatures are warmer.  People just seem to be in a better mood and hopefully that translates into the mood to buy.  Warmer weather and longer days are the perfect time to attract attention to your business by holding outdoor promotions.  Sidewalk sales are the old standby and they still work.  For a lot of us, merchandise piled on a table in front of a store is like an irresistible magnet.  We just can’t pass up a sidewalk sale.  Variations would be tent sales, truckload sales, or anything else that attracts drive-by traffic to your store.

I recently attended a "swap meet" sponsored by a local retailer.  Inside a huge tent were used items on consignment from their owners.  The retailer also had sale items inside the tent.  Things were set up so that you had to go into the store to check out (and to shop).  Vendors were there with free samples and product demos.  There was an admission fee that went to a local non-profit. The place was packed!  It took over an hour to check out.  It was a
great sales and traffic-building event that people look forward to
every year.

Another possibility is to sponsor charitable events outside your store.  Barbecues and car washes are two ways to attract attention to your store and help a good cause at the same time.  There’s little or no cost and your reputation as a good neighbor is enhanced by hosting the event.  Parents won’t forget that you helped their kids raised money for their favorite cause. 

Use your imagination.  How can you extend your selling area to include the great outdoors? 

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