Starbucks Trivia

Thanks to Seth’s Blog for the following trivia question. 

Even after Starbucks had five stores and more than 20 employees, which item was unavailable for purchase at their stores:

Hot Coffee
Frappucino® blended beverage

Actually, it’s a trick question.  The answer is (E) all the above.  Turns out that Starbucks was in business for a while before they realized that there was more to coffee than just beans.  They had the equipment.  They offered free samples if you asked for them.  They just didn’t sell coffee in its liquid form.

I’d be willing to bet that there was at least one dissenter who thought that getting into the ready-to-serve beverage business was a bad idea.  But like most great entrepreneurial businesses, they took and chance, and the rest is history.

And that brings us to a non-trick question.  What could you do to expand your business? 

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