Hiring Family Members

Here’s a good article from Yahoo Finance on the subject of hiring family members, not just your own, but families and friends of your best employees as well.  It stands to reason that good workers probably have relatives and friends who share their values and might make good employees.  But the author, Rhonda Adams, warns that there are pitfalls and you should be extra careful when tapping this particular source of potential staff.

Bullet points:

  • Don’t hire someone’s relative just because they need a job.
  • Don’t have relatives working too closely together.
  • Ask specific questions about the relative’s qualifications before you even agree to an interview.
  • Watch out when hiring spouses!
  • Be extra careful about working with your own spouse!
  • Be toughest on your own relatives.
  • Never play favorites.

Keep this in mind.  If you have an excellent employee and you hire their friend or relative, there are two possibilities.  The best case is that you will gain another excellent employee.  The worst case is that you could get a bad employee and run the risk of losing the good one you already have.  Be sure you cover all your bases before you even begin the interview process.

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