The Relentless Rush to be Mediocre

It’s time to check in with our friend Seth Godin.  Seth has a new book out called "The Dip".  The Change This web site has published a short manifesto (which is really a way to get you to buy the book) called "Pushing Through the Dip".  Seth says that his new book is about "the relentless rush to be mediocre", or put in a more positive way it’s about becoming the best in the world.

The premise is that even though we all say we’d like to be the best in the world, most of us won’t make the effort to actually become the best.  "Sure, conceptually it makes sense to be the best in the world.  And if the best-in-the-world fairy came down and blessed you, well that would be great…. But the reason that being the best is worth so much is that few can do it."

The "Dip" is that long time between the start and becoming the best.  But as long as the dip is, it’s the quickest way to become the best. 

One final quote, Seth says "The harder it is to get through, the better your chance of being the only one to get through it."

Check out the manifesto.  It’s a short eleven-page read.  It might even make you want to read the book.


One Response

  1. It seems to be getting easier to be the best since there seems to be no shortage of Idiots and they are breeding at a very high rate and more and more people are willing to accepting less than decent products and services.

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