Carnival of the Capitalists

Carnival of the Capitalists was born in September of 2003, the first of the niche blog carnivals.  If you’re not familiar with blog carnivals, I suggest you click on this link to see what they’re all about.  As the name suggests, COTC is about capitalism, in other words business and other related topics.  If you’re pressed for time (and who isn’t) following one or more blog carnivals will lead you to some excellent articles that you might miss otherwise.

This week’s COTC contains some excellent posts and also shows amazing insight in its choice of entries.  If I may quote:

"Mine Your Own Business brings us quite possibly the best entry this week, innocuously titled Don’t Do This!
It’s not a new tale in business and customer service, just new details,
and always worth revisiting.  Sounds like Foolish more likely has a
management problem than an employee attitude problem existing in a
vacuum.  No pun intended."

Seriously, there are some good posts this week that you may find interesting.  In particular, check these out:

Recession Management:  Contrarian Thinking.  Wayne Hurlbert, someone we’ve quoted here before, writes on the advantages of approaching business downturns with a positive attitude.

You’ll get a chuckle from Six Self-Employment Myths You Need To Know Before Striking Out On Your own.  While it’s intended for people considering starting their own businesses, as an experienced business owner, you’ll see through the "myths" very quickly.  For example, #Myth #4:  I’ll have more vacation time and get to set my own hours."  I’m sure you can add several to the list

Go to Carnival of the Capitalists to see all of this week’s selections.


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