By now I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the rodents running around in Taco Bell/KFC stores in New York City.  Yum Brands, the owner of the chains, has closed a number of stores owned by the local franchisee and has hired an expert in "pest control in urban areas" to review the affected stores.

Ben McConnell, at Church of the Customer points out that more than 660,000 people have viewed the 27 videos on the incident posted on YouTube.

It’s 2007; the twenty-first century.  What once would have been a local problem is now a "shot heard around the world."  As Ben points out, Yum Brands seems to be reacting properly, if a little slowly. 

Nobody’s perfect.  We all make mistakes.  But we’re now judged by a worldwide audience, not so much by our errors, but by how we respond.

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