More on Wal*Mart Fabrics

If you’re like me, it takes a lot to make you feel sorry for Wal*Mart.  But as the mini-controversy swirls around the Bentonville behemoth’s rumored decision to walk away from the cut fabric business, some internet posters are getting really nasty.  Here’s what one lady had to say:

"Is it possible that Wal-Mart is discriminating against women? Perhaps.
I haven’t heard of any plans to close the sporting goods department or
the exercise equipment department. I cannot say whether or not those departments are more or less
profitable than the full-service fabric department, but I have been
paying attention and I very rarely see people flocking to those areas
to buy things!"

As you probably know, a sex-discrimination law suit is currently pending against Wal*Mart by a group of former employees.

According to Laura Richardson, a crafts, home decor and leisure analyst quoted in Forbes, the average sales per square foot in the typical Wal*Mart store is 25% of the company’s target.  I suspect that has a lot more to do with their decision than sexual discrimination.   

It goes to show that it doesn’t matter what your intentions are, it’s what the customer thinks that’s important.  You have to do everything you possibly can to protect your image and your reputation.

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