Why should I buy from you?

Face it. When a
prospect comes into your store, there are only two possibilities. Either she’ll buy from you or she won’t. I know, there are some sub
possibilities. For example she might not
buy today but will come back later and buy. But, in the short term, in the here and now, either she’ll buy or she

What’s the difference? The difference is whether you’ve answered the question “Why should I buy
from you?”
to her satisfaction. If you
don’t answer the question, you don’t get the sale. That seems fair enough.

It’s a pass/fail exam. There are no As, Bs, or Cs. Either you answer the question or you don’t. Either she buys or she doesn’t. It would seem like developing an answer to
the all-important question would be the number one priority of every retailer
in the world. In fact, it should be the number one priority of every business.  Yet a recent survey shows
that only a tiny percentage of business people can come up with a good answer.

A good answer isn’t “great customer service”, or “quality
products”. Does anyone actually believe
that they give poor customer service or that they sell junk? Every single one of your competitors thinks
their service and products are the best, even the big box stores.

So, what is the answer? I don’t know. You’ll have to answer that one for yourself. What is your unique selling proposition? What makes you different (and better) from
your competition? What’s your mission
statement? What sets you apart? What makes your service great? Why are your products the best? Why should I give you my hard-earned money
instead of giving it to the guy down the street (or the guy on the internet)?

Give this one some serious thought. Ask your staff. It’s important enough that you might want to
hold an off-hours meeting with the troops to discuss it. Order a couple of pizzas and some soft-drinks
and have a brainstorming session. And
when you come up with your particular answer to the question, build on it. Make sure everybody on your staff, not just
sales people, knows it by heart. Use it
in your signage. Use it in your ads. Make it your mantra. Make sure every customer hears it and
understands it.

 It doesn’t have to be long. “Always the low price” is one retailer’s answer to the question and they’ve
been fairly successful. Since that one’s
taken, what’s yours? Why should I buy
from you?

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