Valentine’s Day

This is a
RED ALERT primarily for our male readers.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. 

The National Retail Federation reports the following Valentine’s Day facts from their 2007 Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey:

  • The average consumer will spend $119.67 on Valentine’s Day, up from $100.89 last year.
  • In total, Americans will spend $16.9 billion.
  • The average male will spend $156.22 while the average female will spend just $85.08.  The president of the NRF speculates that men may be trying to make up for buying the big screen HDTV for the Super Bowl.
  • 62.8% of us will buy cards.
  • 48.4% of us will buy candy.
  • 36.7% of us will buy flowers (which cost about three times as much this week as they did two weeks ago).
  • Nearly half of us (45.3%) will treat our special someone to a Valentine’s Day evening out.
  • 189 million roses were produced for Valentine’s Day last year with 74% of them being bought by men.
  • The National Confectioners Association reports that 8 billion "conversation hearts" will be produced in 2007.Candy_hearts

Whatever’s your favorite gift to give, just don’t forget.

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