Time Management from Web MD

I’m guessing you’re familiar with WebMD.  If not, it’s a web site where you can go to for medical information presented in layman’s terms.  Here’s a link to an interesting WebMD article on time management.  "What’s time management got to do with your health?" you ask.  Everything, if you’re constantly overwhelmed with tasks that never seem to get done.

The article’s six tips for managing your time are pretty ordinary stuff, but there are a couple of new twists that make it worth your time.  Plus, the fact that the article appears on a health and wellness web site reinforces the fact that if you don’t master time management you can literally make yourself sick.

The six tips are:

1.  Make a time diary.  Record how much time you spend each day on your various activities.  This will probably be difficult to do, but it will give you a good idea of where you’re spending your time now.  You will probably be surprised at the results.

2.  Learn to say "No".

3.  Use time-based to-do lists. Many of us use to-do lists, but the idea of allocating a specific amount of time to each task is good.  If you add up your jobs for today and total comes to 25 hours, chances are you won’t get everything done.  On the other hand, if the total comes to just four hours, you can add things for the afternoon, catch up on your blog reading, or take the rest of the day off.

4.  Let your computer help.  There are a lot of very good, inexpensive or even free, tools to help you.

5.  Multitask. I hate buzzwords, but I didn’t write the list.  According to the article, women are better at this than men, but we can do it.  (Watch TV, read the sports section, eat a snack)  Productive examples that men and women can both do might be listening to a book on tape while you exercise.

6.  Don’t be a perfectionist. Some tasks just don’t require it.  Weigh the potential benefits versus the cost. 

7.  Reward yourself for success. I know that’s seven, but I guess this tip reinforces tip number 6.  The reward can be something as simple as using some of the time you save to do something you really enjoy (like watching TV, reading the sports section, and eating a snack).

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