Learning From Others’ Mistakes

I hate to do two computer-related posts in a row, but this one’s important.  Last night my PC at home went haywire.  It froze and when I re-booted it, I got an error message telling me it can’t find the operating system.

After checking several troubleshooting web sites, the consensus seems to be that the hard drive is shot! If that’s true, then all the information on the drive is probably gone, about five years worth of letters, emails, pictures, and other stuff.  I recently bought the software to back the thing up, but hadn’t gotten around to doing it yet.

I plan to spend another enjoyable evening trying to coax the monster back to life.  If I’m fortunate enough to get it working, the first thing I’ll do is back everything up.

If you haven’t backed up your hard drive recently (or ever), stop reading this NOW and do it!  If you have two computers, back them both up!   If you don’t have backup software, get in your car and drive over to the computer store and buy it.  Make sure you have enough CDs or DVDs or whatever media you plan to use and do a full backup before you go to bed tonight.  You may never need the backup, but if you do, I promise you you’ll be glad you have it.


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