Are You a “New Millenium Merchant”?

In previous posts, we’ve mentioned Bob Negen.  Bob and his wife Susan are what you might call retailing "gurus".  They have extensive experience in retailing, both at the chain level and at the "your-own-money-on-the-line", entrepreneurial, retail level.  Many of you have seen and heard Bob’s presentations at Baby Lock Tech and other industry events.

Bob and Susan have recently published a book called Marketing Your Retail Store in the Internet Age.

To quote from their web site, "This is not a rah-rah
motivational book filled with corny cliches, worn out platitudes, or
abstract theory coming from pedantic professors who have never spent a
day on the floor of a retail store. This book was developed by
retailers, for retailers."

I wouldn’t normally recommend a book before I’ve read it, but I’ve read enough of it to know that at less than $20.00, it’s a great investment.   I’m telling you about it now for two reasons.  One, it would make a great gift for anyone who’s in the retail business and you still have time to get it before Christmas.  Two, Bob and Susan are offering a bonus to anyone who orders the book before December 10, including a full year of WhizBang tips and several downloadable audio files.  For more information check out their web site.  Or, you can read two sample chapters here. 

Watch MYOB for a review of the book sometime next week.

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